Our Vision

"To always be committed towards becoming the most Professional Painters company, by focusing on service and delivery using only quality products."

Social Responsibility and Community Projects

  • We are committed to undertaking a social responsibility by engaging in community projects for the less fortunate.
  • As such we have developed a training programme to provide skills to both men and women who had been previously disadvantaged in terms of their race and gender in obtaining qualifications or opportunities to attain these skills or to those who cannot afford to fund these programmes, thus making them employable
  • Further, we offer these trained candidates a job, when positions become available.
  • The benefit of this approach, simultaneously enhances the labour force as well as assisting in eliminating the high unemployment rate.
  • An approach like this, drastically addresses the gaps that the South African government is desperately trying to address.


  • We aim to ensure that our rates are competitive but at the same providing high quality services and products.
  • Our costs are inclusive of hiring of equipment.

High Quality Products

  • We are preferred applicators of several major paint manufacturers and strictly abide by their stipulated specifications.
  • We are endorsed by these excellent manufacturers and involve them in our contracts to give our clients peace of mind knowing that we use the highest quality products at their premises

Excellent Customer Service

We  are committed to:-

  • Maintaining a high standard of competence in carrying out our professional services
  • Providing excellent service in an honest, accountable and diligent manner
  • Supporting, promoting and applying principles of human rights, equity, dignity and respect to our clients and staff.
  • Ensuring that turnaround times as agreed to are met.


  • We have many long standing trained and qualified foremen to constantly supervise every crew at each site ensuring that all projects are undertaken in accordance with the project plan, once again displaying dedication and loyalty to the company.
  • All the workers are fully registered with the Department of Labour and officially form part of the P Gounden & Sons Team.

Legislation Compliance

  • We are fully compliant with the legislative requirements with particular reference to the Health and Safety Act, the Workmans Compensation Fund and The Unemployment Insurance Fund.
  • We utilize the services of a private Health and Safety enterprise to administer random and regular safety checks on all our sites.
  • We are also insured to cover unforeseen accidents with a public liability in the amount of R 10 000, 000.00.

At P Gounden & Sons “Safety is Supreme.”


We have over the years been awarded contracts from major construction companies such as:-

  • Group 5 Stevenson Construction
  • Grinaker Construction
  • Stock and Stocks
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • Grid Construction
  • LTA.

We have developed long standing relationships with major corporate/private companies  like:-

  • Pick n Pay
  • Old Mutual Properties
  • Maxprop
  • Trafalgar Property Management
  • Breakers Resort
  • The Pearls of Umhlanga
  • Edge of the Sea
  • The Combined Motor Holdings Group
  • The Medical Research Council
  • Weiss Volkswagen
  • Corobrik
  • Wakefields Property Management
  • Dionysus Skills Development
  • SA Post Office
  • Motor Pride Group of Companies
  • Frame Textiles Group


Despite us being involved in numerous projects of such magnitude, we are not a company too large where we are impersonal and our clients are unable to liaise with the owners or management yet at the same time we are not a company too small where we are unable to meet every clients request.

Team P Gounden & Sons... we are here to serve you!

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Our Vision

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"To always be committed towards becoming the most professional painting company, by focusing on service and delivery using only quality products." To read more about us, please click here.


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